Special Events

Weekend Retreats – Come away with us for a weekend at a camp or retreat centre for an opportunity to relax in God’s creation, bond with friends and get to know your Creator. We have three retreats per year: 2 for the high schoolers and 1 for the Junior youth (gr 6-8).

Mentoring – Each youth who requests it can get matched up with an adult mentor who will meet regularly one-on-one with them. This individual support can have a huge impact on a teenager’s life.

Leadership Development – There are many opportunities to take leadership in the ministry, including leading small groups. Much support is given by adults to help the youth learn and grow.

Sunday School – The Junior youth (gr 6-8) and Senior youth (gr 9-12+) meet each Sunday at 11:15am in the youth room to learn about how God’s Word, the Bible, instructs us for everyday life.


Youth Stuff:

(Best to check out your Youth Schedule for full information)

Jr. Youth:
Youth in Grades 6,7,8
Sundays – Sunday School – 11:15 in the Youth Room
Wednesdays – Jr Youth Cell Groups.  7-8:30 pm
Jan. 8 – Jr Youth Cell Groups resume.  7-8:30 pm
Feb. 9 – Resonate Worship – 7 pm
March 27-29 – Jr High Retreat,  Countryside Camp, Cambridge
* Junior Youth Cell Groups are Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
* Jr Youth Sunday School is Sundays at 11:15 am.


Sr. Youth:
High School Youth
Jan. 4 – Youth Guys Video Games/Pizza, 2-9 pm
Jan. 6+ – Sr Youth d-Teams resume  (various sites and days)
Jan. 12 – Sunday School resumes – 11:15 in the Youth Room
Jan. 16 – Sr Youth “The Gathering” 7-9 pm
Jan. 17 – Sr Youth Girls Event.
Feb. 9 – Resonate Worship – 7 pm
Feb. 7-9 – Sr High Retreat.  Countryside Camp, Cambridge
* Senior Youth d-teams (Discipleship groups) meet on various nights in various homes around the city.
* Sr Youth Sunday School is Sundays at 11:15 except for the first Sunday of each month.


(No Sr Youth Sunday School on the first Sunday of the month.)