Youth Sunday School

10 am each Sunday


#PGCYouth Jr.

Junior Cell Groups – Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30pm, youth from grades 6 to 8 come together at the church for games, Bible study and discussion in small groups.

Join us for Sunday School every Sunday at 11:15 in the youth room.

#PGCYouth Sr.

Senior d-teams (Discipleship Groups) – High school-aged youth meet in group members’ homes for Bible study, worship, fellowship and prayer. These groups are a caring community who always welcome new people. There is also a monthly gathering for worship (The Gathering) and one for fellowship.

Join us for Sunday School every Sunday at 11 am in the youth room.  (no Sr Youth Sunday School on the first Sunday of the month.)

Youth Stuff:

Contact Youth Pastor Cheyenne Geense for more info

Jr. Youth:
Youth in Grades 6,7,8
Sundays – Sunday School  – 11 am in the Youth Room
Wednesdays – Jr Youth Cell Groups.  7-8:30 pm
Sept.  – Jr Youth Cell Groups resume.  7-8:30 pm
March – Jr High Retreat,  Countryside Camp, Cambridge
* Junior Youth Cell Groups are Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
* Jr Youth Sunday School is Sundays at 11:15 am.

Sr. Youth:
High School Youth
Sept.  – Sr Youth d-Teams resume  (various sites and days)
Sept.  – Sunday School resumes – 11:15 in the Youth Room
Sept.  – Sr Youth “The Gathering” 7-9 pm

Feb. – Sr High Retreat.  Countryside Camp, Cambridge
* Senior Youth d-teams (Discipleship groups) meet on various nights in various homes around the city.
* Sr Youth Sunday School is Sundays at 11:15 except for the first Sunday of each month.