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This Sunday we continue our 2020 Advent messages.  Today’s message is “The Root” as we look at “Jesus: The Root, the Shoot and the Fruit” of David from Isaiah 11:1.
Sign up for one of our two in-person services here.  We will livestream the 9 am service for those unable to attend.  Notes here.  See you then!

Sunday Morning Chat & Fellowship:
Join Pastor Mike on the YouTube chat and share what you’re hearing and learning  during the livestream.  Then grab some coffee or tea and move to our Zoom Lobby to hang out afterwards at 10 am.  Click here.

Join Pastor Brian online Sunday night from 8 to 9 pm for a Q&A and to discuss that morning’s sermon.  Click here at 8 pm to join in the discussion on Zoom.

The Family Tree!
Sunday @ PGC or @ Home!

Sunday: The Root
“Who is Jesus, the Christmas baby? Where did He come from? Isaiah said, “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.”  What is this Root or “stump of Jesse”?  Join us as we begin our study of “Jesus: the Root, the Shoot and the Fruit” of David.”

YOU MUST RSVP in advance here to reserve one of the 75 seats available in each service at PGC or to register your child or youth for the 10:45 am in-person Sunday School!

• Print Sunday’s sermon outline hereDiscussion questions on page 3!
• Livestream the service at 9 am hereJoin the chat!
• Online Fellowship Time at 10 am here.
• Join Pastor Brian online Sunday night for a Q & A and discussion of the sermon.  Click here at 8 pm.

Scroll to the bottom to see the updated reopening policy and procedures.

In-Person and Online Sunday Schools!

In-Person: We have room for 15 children from JK to Grade 5 and room for 20 youth from Grades 6-12 @PGC this Sunday at 10:45 am.  You must sign up your children and youth in advance, here.
We’re sorry that we can’t safely offer a nursery program quite yet.

Online S.S. For JK to Grade 5 — 9 to 9:30 am (Start chatting at 8:50 am)
Click here to join Pastor Catherine and your friends at 9 am Sunday.

Contact the office to find out what materials you need for Sunday’s craft time.


The Salvation Army Family Services will be having a Christmas hamper sign-up for families in need at Parkwood Gardens Church on December 8th/9th. We’re looking for a few volunteers who are free during the day to welcome those signing up, walk through a Covid-19 screening with them, and ensure they have proper ID. The days would begin at 10 and whatever time you can commit to it would be greatly appreciated, and a small way to share love with those in need this Christmas! Contact Pastor Mike Mackneer if you’re available to help.


Parkwood Gardens Church will again be providing a meal at the Royal City Mission downtown on Saturday, December 12th at 4 pm.  To provide some of the food or for more information, please click here.


Kids’ Church At Home:

Purposes, Week 5:  ToddlersEarly ChildhoodElementary
Purposes, Week 4: 
ToddlersEarly ChildhoodElementary
Purposes, Week 3: 
ToddlersEarly Childhood. Elementary
Purposes, Week 2: 
ToddlersEarly Childhood. Elementary
Purposes, Week 1:
  ToddlersEarly Childhood. Elementary

Our 2020 Theme:

Daily devotional thoughts are here or here.


Women’s Group: Tuesdays 7-8 pm.

New Women’s Online Study on ZOOM.  5 week RightNow Media study called Nice: “Why we love to be liked and how God calls us to more.”  To join contact Pastor Catherine: Catherine@parkwoodgardens.ca.


Women’s Fitness on Zoom with Amy Jennison:

Monday, Friday, and Sundays @ 7:30 PM. Sunday session is especially good for those looking to get started (or any post partum mom’s looking to build back core strength). Contact Amy if you’re interested in joining: Amy13jennison@gmail.com.


Circle of Friends: Ladies Study & Fellowship Group:

Join the Circle of Friends ladies group on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  Contact the office or Pastor Lynette for the Zoom link.


Parents/Young Families Groups: Join a group for connection, community, and prayer after putting the kids to bed.
• Sundays @ 8:30 pm
• Tuesdays @ 8:30 pm

YouVersion: If you’re interested in joining a future YouVersion daily devotional Bible Reading group contact Mikem@parkwoodgardens.ca.

News Updates

  • Many PGC Groups and Events have resumed or moved online.
  • The office is currently open 9 to 4 daily.  You may still call and leave messages or send emails to <office@parkwoodgardens.ca>.
  • Finances:  The church mailbox, which is locked and secure and located on the outside wall by the main front door, is checked daily. Feel free to mail or drop off your tithes and offerings there. You can also donate electronically. Go here for instructions or call the office and you will be called back.
  • Hearing God Seminar. The Hearing God seminar will occur this fall.  Watch for more info.
  • The Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group is looking for new members. A Parkwood Gardens Church representative has often held this position as we have several joint initiatives throughout the year.  Interested?  Comment on your communications card or contact Ramona Maynard <ramona.maynard@gmail.com>
  • The Parkwood Gardens Playgroup on Thursdays will hopefully resume in the new year.
  • Co-ed Volleyball for ages 18+ on Tuesdays will resume in the new year.
  • Our Five-Year Vision was presented last year. If you missed it, you can watch it here and download the Vision document here.
    Previous sermons are here and sermon notes are here.
    We’re on FACEBOOK here and INSTAGRAM here.

December Memory Verse:
A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.”
– Isaiah 11:1


Mondays – DivorceCare, Postponed until January 2021
Mondays – Women’s Fitness Class, Monday, Friday, Sundays
Tuesdays – Circle of Friends – 9:30 am, Online
Tuesdays – Friendship Club, returning in January 2021
Tuesdays – Co-Ed Volleyball – returning in January 2021
Wednesdays – Mamas & Chicks, 9:15 am, every other week
Wednesdays – Jr Youth Cell Groups, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Gr. 6-9
Wednesdays – GROW in God’s Word – 7 pm
Wednesdays – GROW in Your Walk – 7:30 pm Online
Wednesdays – Ball Hockey, 8 pm, 15+
Thursdays – Parkwood Gardens Playgroup, returning in January 2021
Fridays  – Basketball, 8 pm.  Ages 16 and up.  Coming soon
Saturdays – Family Fun in the Gym, 4 to 6 pm. Coming soon
Sundays – Worship Celebrations – 9 am @PGC & online.  10:45 @ PGC
Sundays – Vietnamese Worship Celebration, 2 pm
Sundays – Hearing God Seminar  – 7 pm, coming soon

Youth Stuff:

(Best to check out your Youth Schedule for full information)

Jr. Youth:
Youth in Grades 6,7,8
Sundays – Jr Youth Sunday School – coming soon
Wednesdays – Jr Youth Cell Groups.  6:30-8:30 pm
Saturdays – Family Fun in the Gym – coming soon
* Junior Youth Cell Groups are Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
* Jr Youth Sunday School is Sundays at 11:15 am.

Sr. Youth:
High School Youth
Weekly  – Sr Youth D-Teams ONLINE
Sundays – Sr Youth Sunday School – coming soon
1st Sunday – Resonate Worship, 7 pm, coming soon
3rd Thursday – “The Gathering” – 7 pm
* Senior Youth d-teams (Discipleship groups) meet on various nights in various homes around the city.
* Sr Youth Sunday School is Sundays at 11:15 except for the first Sunday of each month.


Did you know that you can watch or listen to Sunday’s sermons online? Click here for the previous week’s service.

Prayer Requests

If you would like to receive a list of weekly prayer requests, please e-mail Elizabeth Kraemer to have your e-mail address added to the weekly email newsletter. If you have prayer requests to be included on the list, please call the office (519-836-0180), or e-mail Elizabeth.

Reopening Parkwood Gardens Church

Sunday, December 6th
9 & 10:45 am
 The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit has mandated the wearing of masks in churches.  Please wear a mask throughout your time in church if you are able.  The Health Unit order also says “People whose ability to breathe in any way is inhibited by the face covering” should not wear a mask.  If this is you, you may remove your mask once you’re seated – distanced from other people not in your home bubble.
The decision to attend the in-person service at Parkwood Gardens Church on Sunday morning is solely your personal decision to make.  It is equally acceptable to attend a service in person on Sunday or to watch it at home.  However, we recommend the following with regard to your decision:
(1) If you’re in a high-risk demographic, we would strongly encourage you to not physically attend at this time.  Watch the online service.
(a) More vulnerable individuals include those who are in assisted living and nursing home facilities.
(b) More vulnerable individuals also include those with underlying health conditions … such as diabetes, heart/lung disease, or other respiratory illnesses.
(c) The service will also be “live-streamed” at 10 am through our YouTube Live page and later uploaded to the church’s webpage and YouTube channel.
(2) When you return to the PGC services you’ll find that things are not the same as before. The staff and leadership of our Church are attempting to make the best decisions for everyone from both a health and spiritual standpoint, according to God’s Word … while maintaining the freedom of personal responsibility and diversity of conclusions around the recommendations regarding COVID 19… which continue to change.
For Everyone Coming Back to PGC’s Services:
(1) Complete a self-assessment prior to attending (see below) and please stay home if you have any symptoms, suspect you could be ill, or have been recently exposed to someone who has been unwell.
(2) The PGC facility will be sanitized. High traffic areas, including restroom facilities, will be disinfected prior to each service. [However, we request that everyone use the restroom at home prior to coming to limit usage of the church’s facilities.]
(a) Parents of children up to grade 5 are to accompany their children to the restrooms.
(3) Please enter the main front doors only.
(a) A sermon outline will be available on your seat, or you may print off your own at home and bring it.  Bring your own pen or pencil.  You may bring a quiet activity for your children to do.
(b) We will not offer coffee and water stations at this time. We will have hand sanitizing stations near both sides of the front doors.
(c)  We will not be passing offering plates.  You may drop your offering envelope into the offering box in the lobby on your way in.
(4) We can only fill the sanctuary to 30% of its full capacity (80 people at a time).  So our seating is reduced to ½ capacity. We ask that you leave 3 chairs between each household/family bubble or individual attending.  We will ask everyone to register online (or call the office) to reserve your seats until the service is full.
(a) Parents, we ask that you keep your children with you at all times.
(5) There will be no nursery at this time.  However, the changing table that is just off the main lobby in the nursery lobby is available for use. The Nursing Moms’ room in the Nursery is also available to nurse babies (not for toddlers to play).
(6) We will aim to keep our services around one hour, and we will not have our usual “greeting time”. We ask that you not shake hands, give hugs or have any physical contact with those outside your family … even if the other person gives you permission to do so.
(7) You may hum along with the music or sing behind your mask.  At this time our worship music is prerecorded.  The sermon is live.  The front row will be empty.
(8) Masks are strongly encouraged.  You may bring your own face covering when you come to the church or you can pick one up when you arrive.
(9) At the conclusion of the service, each section will be dismissed separately.  Please do not leave behind any paper, trash or personal belongings.
(a) We are requesting that all interaction with one another take place outside and with proper physical distancing.All of this information is posted on our church website.
* Self-Assessment Questions:
* Are you feeling fevered/chills
* Do you have a new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing, new loss of taste/smell, conjunctivitis (pink eye)
* If yes to any of the above, Do not come to church, Call COVID Call-in Centre  or contact your healthcare provider.