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24-06-09_Bread of Life

24-06-02_Son of Man

24-05-26_The Prophet

24-05-19_The Messiah

24-05-12_Son of God



24-05-05_Living Hope



24-04-28_The Healing at Bethesda

24-04-21_Understanding What it Means to Believe

24-04-14_Saviour of the World

24-04-07_Living Water




24-03-31_It Seemed Like Nonsense – Easter!



24-03-24_He Must Increase

24-03-17_You Must Be Born Again

24-03-10_Jesus and the Temple

24-03-03_Water to Wine

24-02-25_Who is This Guy?



24-02-18_The First Disciples

24-02-11_The Lamb of God

24-02-04_The Testimony of John the Baptist

24-01-21_The Witness to the Word

24-01-14_Jesus – The Word

24-01-07_John and His Gospel



24-01-14_Everyday Joy!




24-01-07_John and His Gospel



Draft Financial Statement

2023 PGC Annual_Report

Full-Time Children’s Min. Director 2024-01

23-12-24_Mary & Joseph – Obedience

23-12-17_Anna – A Focus on Gratitude

23-12-10_Simeon – A Focus on Hope




23-12-03_Signs of Lordship

23-11-26_Surprises of Lordship

23-11-19_Why is Lordship Necessary?

23-11-12_What is Lordship?




23-10-29_The Friend Who Showed Up – Friend Day

23-10-22_The Friend Who Stepped Out

23-10-15_The Friend Who Stooped Down

23-10-08_Four Levels of Friendship



23-10-01_Trusting God in a Stress-Filled World

23-09-24_Purity in an Impure World

23-09-17_Living God’s Will


23-09-10_How Did We Get Here?




23-09-03_Why Pray?

23-08-27_Belief in Action – Backsliding?

23-08-20_Caring for the Poor

23-08-13_The Bible’s Teaching on Gambling

23-08-06_What About Christians and Politics

23-07-30_The Bible’s Teaching on Hell

23-07-23_The Bible’s Teaching on Heaven

23-07-16_Life’s Biggest Question

23-07-09_Why Does God Allow Suffering?

23-07-02_Bind Us Together

23-06-25_Pursuing God’s Purpose

23-06-18_Judgment and Rewards

23-06-11_Certainties of the Second Coming

23-06-04_Christ’s Second Coming



23-05-28_The Power of a Purpose

23-05-21_A Great Example of a Great Church

23-05-14_Witnessing Experiences With Unbelievers

23-05-07_Relational Experiences With One Another

23-04-30_Relational Experiences With God

23-04-23_Learning Experiences From God’s Word

23-04-16_What Did the Early Church Experience?



23-04-09_Jesus-Arisen on Easter Sunday


23-04-07_For the Joy Set Before Him


23-04-02_Jesus-Announced on Palm Sunday


23-03-26_Being a Peaceful Presence

23-03-19_Pathway to Peace


23-03-12_Love! It’s Indispensable

23-03-05_Hope! It’s Inspirational!

23-02-26_Faith! It’s Instrumental!

23-02-19_God’s Expectations of His Church

23-02-12_Jesus’ Prayer For His Church




23-01-29_Upstream Resolutions

23-01-22_Upstream Actions

23-01-15_Upstream Attitudes

23-01-08_2023 PGC Theme


23-01-01_A Hope Filled 2023



Our 2022 Theme:

Watch our 2022 Theme Presentation here.
Notes for our Theme Presentation are here


22-12-24_The Names of Jesus



22-12-18_Finders Seekers, Losers Weepers



22-12-11_Relating to Others

22-12-04_Handling Pain

22-11-27_Knowing Who I Really Am

22-11-20_Making Right Decisions

22-11-13_Qualities of a Friend

22-11-06_Being Filled With the Spirit

22-10-30_Enjoying My New Family

22-10-23_Being Forgiven

22-10-16_Sharing My Faith

22-10-09_Being Led By God

22-10-02_Understanding the Bible

22-09-25_Overcoming Temptation

22-09-18_Talking to God

22-09-11_Knowing I’m Saved




22-08-28_The Hidden Treasure

22-08-21_The Rich Man and Lazarus

22-08-14_The Loving Father and Lost Sons

22-08-07_The Mustard Seed




22-07-24_Who You Really Are


22-07-17_Pray First

22-07-10_The Necessity of Forgiveness

22-07-03_Love God, Love Others


22-06-26_The Value of Connecting

22-06-19-The Joy_of_Serving


22-06-05_The Rhythm_of_Faith




22-05-22_Our Comforting God

22-05-15_Our Helping God

22-05-08_Our Wise God

22-05-01_Our Revealing God

22-04-24_Our Powerful God

22-04-10_Our Giving God

22-04-03_Our Merciful God

22-03-27_Our Encouraging God

22-03-20_Our Equipping God

22-03-13_What Happens When We See God?



22-04-17_Because Jesus is Alive




22-03-06_Spiritual Reproduction


22-02-20_Intimacy With God

22-02-13_A Love for People

22-02-06_A Heart for the Lost

22-01-30_Biblical Authority


22-01-16_PGC Core Values

22-01-09_Theme – Foundational Renewal

NEW VisionDiagram_merged




22-01-02_Overflowing With Hope


Watch our 2021 Theme Presentation here.
Download the outline of our theme here.

Our 2021 Theme:

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21-12-26_What Business Are We In



21-12-19_The Gift of Gold

Advent 4 Devotional Reading – Love

21-12-12_The Gift of Myrrh

Advent 3 Devotional Reading – Joy

21-12-05_The Gift of Incense

Advent 2 Devotional Reading – Hope

21-11-28_The Gifts of the Magi

Advent 1 Devotional Reading – Peace



21-11-21_Living Without Guilt



21-11-14_Reaching Out Together

21-11-07_Worship, Serve, Grow



21-10-31_Only God Can Bring Glory to Himself

21-10-24_Only You Can Speak for the Voiceless

21-10-17_God Honours, Even When Others Oppose

21-10-10_Honouring God, No Matter the Cost

21-10-03_Now It Just So Happens

21-09-26_Just Say No!

21-09-19_An Ancient Soap Opera



21-09-12_And Pray!

21-08-29_The Sword of the Spirit

21-08-22_The Helmet of Salvation

21-08-15_The Shield of Faith

21-08-08_Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

21-07-11_Breastplate of Righteousness

21-07-04_The Belt of Truth



21-09-05_A Song for Encouragement

21-08-01_A Song for Endurance

21-07-25_A Song for Peace

21-07-18_A Song for Joy



21-06-27_Renewed Strength

21-06-20_Renewed Hope



21-06-13_God’s Gift to Children

21-06-06_God’s Gift to Husbands

21-05-30_God’s Gift to Wives

21-05-23_A Life of Love & Thankfulness



21-05-16_Stop Dressing Like Pagans

21-05-09_Stop Being Deceitful

21-05-02_Stop Being a Baby

21-04-25_Stop Being Divisive



21-04-18_Claim God’s Power

21-04-18_Claim God’s Power

21-04-11_Claim God’s Perception

21-03-21_Claim God’s Peace

21-03-14_Claim God’s Pardon

21-03-07_Claim God’s Partnership

21-02-28_Claim God’s Promise

VBS General Registration Form 2021

Deering 2021-08-04

Deering 2021-08-04



21-03-28_The Triumphal Entry


21-04-04_Easter Sunday



21-02-21_Ephesians Overview



21-02-14_Fearless Love



21-02-07_Rest for the Weary

21-01-31_Deadly Doubt

21-01-24_Doubting That God is in Control

21-01-17_John the Baptist Doubts

21-01-10_Theme_Intro 2021

21-01-03_God is Faithful


Our 2020 Theme

Our 2020 Theme Presentation can be seen here and the notes downloaded here.

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21-01-03_God is Faithful

20-12-27_God is Good

20-12-20_The Fruit

20-12-13_The Shoot

20-12-06_The Root

20-11-29_The Family Tree

20-11-22_Thankful for a Great Life

20-11-15_Final Days & Final Words

20-11-08_Preparing for the Future

20-11-01_In Whom Do You Trust

20-10-25_Continuing After Sin

20-10-18_Confession of Sin

20-10-11_Consequences of Sin

20-10-04_Confronting Sin

20-09-27_Up, Then Down

20-09-20_A Leader in Good Times

20-09-13_When You’re In Good Times

20-09-09_When Things Are Looking Up

20-09-06_Going in Faith

20-08-30_Growing in Faith

20-08-02_Serving One Another in Love

20-07-26_Strength in Community

20-08-23_An Example Worth Following

20-08-16_God’s Promise

20-08-09_God’s Provision

20-07-19_God’s Protection

20-07-12_God’s Presence

20-07-05_God’s Partnership

20-06-28_Unshakable Hope

20-06-21_Unshakable Courage

20-06-14_Leading in Prayer

20-06-07_Leading in Worship

20-05-31_Leading in Hope

20-05-24_Leading in Trust

20-05-17_Leading in Unity

20-05-10_Love Your Enemy Through a Good Name

20-05-03_Love Your Enemy Through a Second Chance

20-04-26_Love Your Enemy Through Forgiveness

20-04-19_Love Your Enemy Through Respect

20-04-16_Success and Its Sacrifice

20-03-22_No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

20-03-08_Surviving Success

20-04-12_Easter Proof of God’s Love

20-04-10_Forgiveness and the Cross

20-04-05_ Hosanna to the Son of David


20-03-15_Heart of Prayer

20-03-01_Success and the Battle

20-02-23_Faith and the Battle

20-02-16_The Past and the Battle

20-02-09_The People of the Battle

20-02-02_The Point of the Battle

20-01-26_Building Yourselves Up

20-01-19_The Anointing of David

20-01-12_The Life of David

20-01-05_Theme Intro

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Our 2019 Theme:

19-12-29_Be Born Again

19-12-22_Jesus, Son of God

19-12-15_Jesus, Son of Man

19-12-08_Jesus, Son of Mary

19-12-01_Jesus, Son of Joseph


19-11-17_The Privilege of Persecution

19-11-10_The Blessing of Being Peacemakers

19-10-20_Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

19-10-13_The Blessing of Being Merciful

19-10-06_The Fullness of Being Hungry

19-09-29_The Power of Being a Controlled Person

19-09-22_The Comfort of Caring

19-09-15_The Riches of Being Poor

19-11-03_Good News About the Good News

19-09-08_Handling Questionable Issues

19-09-01_Daring Faith

19-08-25_Faith is Faithfulness

19-08-18_Moses, Decision-Making By Faith

19-08-04_Faith, Tested & Triumphant

19-07-14_The Faith of Abraham

19-07-07_Noah’s Faith and Ours

19-06-16_Characteristics of Faith

19-06-09_Foundational Faith

19-08-11_Be Encouraged


19-06-30_Powerful & Effective Prayer

19-06-23_Doers of the Word

19-06-02_Honouring Our Seniors

19-05-26_Everlasting Love, pt. 2

19-05-19_Everlasting Love, pt. 1

19-05-12_Mothers Build Homes

19-05-05_Making a Christian Marriage

19-04-28_The Christian’s Marriage

19-04-21_The Impossible Assignment

19-04-19_It Is Finished

19-04-07_I Am Thirsty

19-03-31_My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me

19-03-24_Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise

19-03-17_Woman, Behold Your Son

19-03-10_Father, Forgive Them


19-02-24_The Well Anchored Soul

19-02-17_Receivers and Contributors

19-02-10_Five Follies of a Foolish Farmer

19-02-03_What Is A Faithful Christian

19-01-27_Laws That Affect Your Life

19-01-20_Gods Timing and My Time

Our 2019 Theme:

19-01-06_2019 Theme Intro

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Our 2018 Theme:


18-12-30_One Step At A Time

18-12-23_Waiting On Christ at Christmas

18-12-16_Walking to Christ at Christmas

18-12-09_I Need Spiritual Growth

18-12-02_I Need Security

18-11-25_I Need A Purpose

18-11-18_I Need Understanding

18-11-11_I Need Appreciation

18-11-04_I Need Friendship

18-10-28_Integrating God’s Word Into My Life

18-10-21_Understanding the Meaning of a Text

18-10-14_How to Study a Bible Passage

18-10-07_Seeing What God Wants Me to See

18-09-30_How the Bible Changes Me

18-09-23_Why I Can Trust the Bible

18-09-16_Building My Life On the Bible

18-09-09_Integrity – Who You Are When Everybody’s Looking

18-09-02_What Is That In Your Hand?

18-08-26_What Are You Doing Here?

18-08-19_Learning the Deceitfulness of Sin

18-08-12_Learning the True Source of Contentment

18-07-22_Learning to Love Difficult People

18-07-15_Learning to Deal With Giants

18-07-08_Learning What’s Important to God

18-11-04_Learning About True Friendship

18-08-05   No notes this week

18-07-29_Love Your Neighbour

18-07-01_Bold Obedience

18-06-24_Bold Faith

18-06-17_Secrets of a Winning Dad

18-06-10_The Marriage That Goes the Distance

18-06-03_Things To Consider Before Saying “I Quit” pt.2

18-05-27_Things To Consider Before Saying “I Quit”

18-05-20_Things To Consider Before Saying “I Do”

18-05-13_What Kids Owe Their Parents

18-05-06_What Parents Owe Their Kids

18-04-29_Steps to Answered Prayer

18-04-22_The Pattern for Prayer

18-04-15_Conditions For Answered Prayer

18-04-08_Advancing On Our Knees

18-04-01_Can’t Keep Good Man Down

18-03-18_Sharing My Faith

18-03-11_Discovering My Spiritual Gifts


18-02-25_Vision, Vessels & Victory

Vision Diagram

18-02-18_Revival and Rejoicing

18-02-11_Revival and Consecration

18-02-04_Revival and Humility

18-01-28_Revival and Relationships

18-01-21_Results of Revival

18-01-14_Revival and Obedience

18-01-07_Revival Brings Deliverance

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Our 2017 Theme:

17-12-24_The Indescribable Gift


17-12-10_The High Priest

17-12-03_Ark of the Covenant, pt.2

17-11-26_Ark of the Covenant, pt 1

17-11-19_ The Incense Altar

17-11-12_Table of Presence Bread

17-11-05_The Lampstand

17-10-29_The Bronze Basin

17-10-22_The Bronze Altar

17-10-15_Structure of the Tabernacle

17-10-08_Intro to the Tabernacle

17-10-01_Feast of Tabernacles

17-09-24_Day of Atonement

17-09-17_Feast of Trumpets

17-09-10_The Fall Feasts

17-09-03_Deep & Wide

17-08-27_Galatians_Proof of Freedom

17-08-20_Galatians_Power For Freedom

17-08-13_Galatians_Response to Freedom



17-08-06 Transformed Life



5. Title Option

17-07-02 Overwhelmed? Wait

17-06-25 Overwhelmed? Cry Out



0. Jesus Greater

17-06-11_Therefore, Let Us

17-05-28 Than Any Other Sacrifice













Conneced 1

17-03-12_Connected…To God

17-03-19 Connected… To Each Other






1. ImpressedUponYour Hearts1




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